Sunday, May 29, 2011

June is Coming and So Is Hurricane Season

One of my very favorite months is nearly over, but another favorite one - June - is nearly here.  June 1 is Wednesday, and that means Hurricane Season will be here.  I've been busy writing a few articles about hurricane season over the past several weeks... One of them, about pictures of severe weather features art prints and other things with a hurricane or weather theme that you can buy. 

Stormy Anastasia print
It's amazing how much art and design has been inspired by something we live with every day - the weather.  (Although, hopefully, we don't have to live with SEVERE weather on a daily basis!)  The above art print is from that article, called Pictures of Hurricanes and Storm Pictues, and it features wall art, along with a variety of other consumer items designed by selected artists at Zazzle, and inspired by the weather.

Some of the other articles I've been working on are a little more serious in nature, and are geared to raising the awareness of the necessity to be prepared for what can happen during severe weather in general, but hurricanes in particular.  Here's a list of those articles:

2011 Hurricane Season Predictions and 2010 Forecasting Accuracy
2011 Atlantic Basin Hurricane Names
Hurricane Preparedness - Your Roof
NOAA Weather Radios
2011 Hurricane Season Journal

That last one will be a journal I will keep and add to throughout the season. 

You are welcome to read, and to comment on any of these articles that might interest you.  I'd be SO pleased if you did!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Remember Them on Memoral Day

The Memorial Day Weekend has begin.  But, it's more than just a three day weekend...  The REAL reason for Memorial Day is to honor those who have fallen in the service of their country.  This Monday, please pause for a moment to remember those who died to ensure you have the freedom that you enjoy.

To read a little about the history of Memorial Day, and the proscribed way to commemorate our fallen heroes, visit Patriotic American Holidays - Memorial Day.

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Friday, May 13, 2011

Port Canaveral News - Tidbits from the Port

Queen Victoria at Port Canaveral
Here are several news tidbits from Port Canaveral.

The Queen Victoria recently visited Port Canaveral.  It was a pleasure to see one of Cunard's Queens, but mostly to finally meet a friend from England who I had 'known' as a fellow moderator for Cruise Line Fans forum. He and his party paid a visit to KSC, then lunched at the Cocoa Beach Pier.  All three were eager to order a "real American hamburger."  Once the meals arrived, they  took pictures of them, so they could show the folks back home what a real burger looks like!

My plan had been to get a great photo of the Queen putting out to sea.  Alas, that was not to be, as we were being assaulted by a wicked thunderstorm at sailing time.  The above pic of  the ship, berthed at the Royal Caribbean terminal, have to do.

MORE SHIPS?  (Yes, please!)
Canaveral Port Authority Chief Executive Officer J. Stanley Payne recently told the Titusville Area Chamber of Commerce that he is " negotiating with major cruise line companies" in an effort to increase the number of cruise ships that will home port at Port Canaveral in the future.  (Hooray, I say and I wish him much luck)

The local media reports that the new Disney Dream is SOLD OUT through the fall, and that the line's other ships are booked at 95% of capacity through June, and over 80% through September.  So, if you are thinking of sailing on a Disney ship, looks like you'd best plan ahead!

If you are just longing for your next cruise, perhaps for now, you'd enjoy feasting your eyes on some nice cruise related designs and photos of cruise ships from a hand-picked selection of Zazzle photograhers and designers. They're in a little article I've put together featuring wall art, iPad cases, and iPhone cases that should appeal to avid cruisers.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

New in May: Pets at Sea from Royal Caribbean

If you're cruising Royal Caribbean, and your party includes a child or two, get ready for their new "Pets at Sea" program, which the youngsters are going to LOVE!

Pets at Sea

Your child will get to choose from a variety of different species of pets (not-yet-stuffed animals), stuff it in a special 'stuffing machine,' dress it, and name it.  And, here's really cool part - after attaching the animal to the stuffing machine to 'bring it to life,' they are given a small star.  They make a wish, then tuck the star INSIDE the newly stuffed toy. 

According to the cruise line, they'll be available fleetwide beginning this month.

Price?  You can pre-order a pet with one outfit for $29.95 on Royal Caribbean's website.  (with two outfits, the price is  $42.90.)  But, I'm sure there will be plenty available once you board. 

Actually, it looks and sounds like fun, and I'm willing to bet that there will be a lot of adults who will want one, too.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Monday's Launch of Endeavour Scrubbed

The shuttle Endeavour will NOT launch tomorrow.  The next possible launch date is Sunday, May 8, which is also Mother's Day.