Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Cruise Luggage Tags and Luggage Spotters

Cruise Luggage Tags and Luggage Spotters

If you cruise from time to time, you might appreciate these cruising themed luggage tags and luggage spotters.

Luggage tags are one of Zazzle's newer offerings, and there are already thousands of designs by the independent artists and designers who show their work there.  There's even a  nice - and growing - selection of tags with cruise themes, like the luggage spotter at left.

What do I mean by 'luggage spotter,' as opposed to luggage tag?  A luggage spotter is something you can attach to your bag to help you spot it easily in a crowded luggage pick-up area.  Luggage spotters usually do not have your identifying information on them, like the examples below:

Now, there are some that can be personalized with your full name, address, and phone number. (The one on the left has an area for full personalization on the back.) But personally, I prefer to have only my last name and cell phone number showing, for security reasons. Or even just a cell number, like the one on the right.

A couple more luggage spotters:

Want to see a few more?  Here's a link:  More Cruise Luggage Tags