Monday, March 29, 2010

Win A Disney Cruise

It's been a while since I brought you news of a 'win a free cruise' contest. But, today, I'm doing just that. This one is from Disney Cruise Line and The Weather Channel.

Good Luck, and Happy Cruising, from Cruise Ready Store !

Here some of the details, and the link to the page where you can enter:

If you win the Grand Prize in the Choose & Cruise Contest, you get to choose whether you'd like to cruise the Med, visit European Capitals, bask in the warm Western or Eastern Caribbean.
There's also instant on-line prizes, including short cruises to The Bahamas, and DCL and TWC merchandise.

The link for the entry page is here-

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Caribbean Cruising Cruise Gear

Caribbean Cruising
Cruise Gear & Gifts


If you love Cruising the Caribbean, you're sure to like this new line of persosnalizable "Caribbean Cruising" cruise gear from Cruise Ready on Zazzle. Shown above are the magnets and buttons ready for you to customize with your name, and cruise information. Both come in either round or square. -OR- if you're a TA, take advantage of bulk pricing, and customize with your agency and contact information instead - they would make great advertising give aways!

Two more products in the line include tote bags you can put your name on (with several styles of totes to choose from), and coordinating Tropical Isle keds deck shoes.

There are mpre Caribbean Cruising Cruise Gear amd Gifts, too - including a hat, stickers, a mousepad, and mugs. See them all, along with other cruise geag and cruise themed gifts at Cruise Ready on Zazzle.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Is the End Near for the SS United States?

Is the end coming for one of the most beloved Ocean Liners ever?
Sadly, it appears that way.

The famous ship, now languishing at a pier in Philadelphia, was the last to win speed records for transatlantic crossings in both directions by a passenger ship in regular service. Today, she still holds the speed record for a westbound crossing. She's alsos the largest liner efver to be built entirely within the United States - a source of consierable national pride in 1952, the year she entered service. (She continued transatlantic passenger service unti 1969.)

Her fate having been uncertain for years now, she has been sitting idle in Philly since 1996. Many times, hopes have risen that a new owner would come to her rescue. Those hopes have remaiined alive, but unreallized for over a decade.

Now, a deadline looms. A deadline that could mean a national icon that once transported would be new Americans to our shores will surely become nothing more than scrap. Unless, ofcourse, a last minute rescue party arrives. Although unlikely, the dim hope of a reprieve of her death sentence still lives through the efforts of the SS United States Conservancy. Anybody got an extra three milion in their back pocket?
Brought to you, with sadness at the thought of losing a grand lady of the sea,

Top photo: Public Domain

Friday, March 5, 2010

Do You Believe in the Upgrade Fairy?

If you're a long-time cruiser, you probably know all about the mythical Upgrade Fairy. If you're scratching your head, here's a quick primer:

She's an elusive creature. Some cruisers scoff at the existance of such a being. But many others fervently believe, and earnestly petition her to grace them with a visit prior to their cruise.

What does a visit from the Upgrade Fairy mean? It means the cabin you paid for is unexpectedly upgraded to one of a higher category. This often means that your basic inside cabin as become an oceanview cabin. (No extra charge!) Or, though you paid for a small bacony cabin, the good fairy has waved her wand and turned it into a mini-suite.

Do such things really happen? Yes, but rarely. Very rarely. And when they do, it's such a 'magical' experience, that some cruisers are convinced there surely must have been extra-human intervention. Thus, . . . the Upgrade Fairy.

Do you believe? I do.

It happened to me once. Yes, ONCE, out of thirty-plus cruises. But it DID happen, and it was a good one... a SIX category upgrade! Now, this phenominal strike by the Upgrade Fairy did involve some unuual circumnstances, AND the involvement of my excellent TA. But even circumstances and TAs don't usually net upgrades of six categories. So, I think the good fairy must have a little hand in aligning those circumstances in such a way as to pave the way for the multi-category nature of the event.

FOR BELIEVERS - In tribute to the capricious wand waver, here's my just-designed fun little line of Upgrade Fairy products that includes pins, magnets, a mouse pad, mugs, and shirts. (More to come? We''ll see . .) All are available at Cruise Ready on Zazzle.

Now, the opening question remains - Do YOU believe? Do you want to?

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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Rogue Waves Slam Louis Majesty

The Louis Majesty has been hit by THREE rogue waves, the highest estimatead by the captain at some 26 feet, a she sailed on an itinerary in the Med. Two passengers were killed, and sevral more injured. The ship is now returning to Barcelona, her port of departure. The Louis Majesty formerly sailed as the Norwegian Majesty.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Star Princess in Chile

Princess Cruises' Star Princess is currently ported in Valparaiso, where cruise passengers aree scheduled to disembark at cruise end. The next cruise, originally scheduled to leave from there today, will instad leave tomorrow evening, at the earliest.

Photo courtesy of Princess Cruises

Princess reports this morning that the Cruise Terminal there is operational. However, air service in and out of Chile has, as we know, been affected by the recent earthquake. According to a Princess news release, "... we plan to keep Star Princess in Valparaiso for at least another 24 hours so our passengers who are unable to fly out, will be able to stay onboard until flight operations resume. Passengers who are already in Valparaiso will also be able to embark and stay on board the ship."

For further details and updates, check the Princess Cruises website

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