Sunday, July 31, 2011

Happy Birthday, Jamaica!

Thursday of this week, August 4, is Independence Day in Jamaica.  The island country, located west of the southern tip of Haiti and south of the eastern end of Cuba, has been fully independent since 1962.

Here is a little article I wrote:  Pictures of Jamaica.  As the name indicates, it focuses on quite a few pictures of Jamaica.  Some of them are really beautiful, and others are just kind of fun images. This week would be a good time for you to enjoy them!  The pictures are collected from selected artists and photographers who show and sell their work at Zazzle

Some day, I'd love take a cruise that stops at Kingston, the capital, on August 4, just to see for myself  how Jamaicans celebrate their country's birthday.   My daughter and I visited Grand Cayman on that crown colony's birthday, and enjoyed a very special day in the midst of the celebrations in Georgetown.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Nautical Fashions for Cruising

Have you ever thought of wearing nautical themed fashions or accessories when you go on a cruise?  It's not so far fetched ... 
For example, a gentleman mightwear a nautical themed tie to dinner one night.  A lady might enjoy having an anchor pendant necklace.
Or, how about a cute T shirt or nautical outfit for your young cruiser?

Anchors Aweigh Necklace necklace Sensastion Stripe - Gry tie
Anchors Aweigh Necklace and Sensastion Stripe tie 

Here are several sites you might enjoy.  There are some nice ideas for nautical themed cruise wear and accessories on these three pages:

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Last Week Was Quite a Week

Space Shuttle Atlantis
(public domain image from NASA) 

Last week was quite a week. Things were happening all over the globe, and not all of them pleasant.  Last week, there were significant developments in manned space flightnature,in Nature , and sadly, in Norway.


Space Shuttle Atlantis retured to earth for the last time. The good news is, she brought herself and her crew home safely. The bad news is that she'll never do it again. Nor will any other shuttle. NASA's manned space flight program has been scuttled. And along with it, thousands of jobs, and the space dominance of the U S of A. It was a sad day.

We had THREE named storms at one point in the week: Tropical Storms Bret and Cindy in the Atlantic and Hurricane Dora in the Pacific. The good news is that NONE of them made landfall. The (maybe) not so good news is that it was a very active week for the tropics, and no one knows if this was a foreshadowing of things to come. The NHC and other organizations sure think it will be an active season. You can see their 2011 Hurricane Season Predictions here.

The Royal Palace in Oslo
was not attacked
(public domain photo)
There was horror and terror in a place that is usually known for its peaceful environment - Norway. 
A madman set off a bomb in central Oslo then proceded to a youth camp being held on an island.  There, dressed as a policeman, he shot and killed at least 84 young people.
There is NO reason for civilized human beings to behave this way towards one another.  Unlike the work that NASA does, it's NOT rocket science.  Just be nice to everyone. 
Today, we are holding the people of Norway in our hearts.  They have our deepest sympathies and most fervent prayers.

The past week was not one that will soon be forgotten for several reasons... but Norway is uppermost in our minds right now. 

It's my sincere hope that the week ahead will bring different ... and much happier news. 

Friday, July 15, 2011

Cruise Alert - NCL Files for IPO

Soon, U.S. Wall Street investors will be able to buy stock in Norwegian Cruise Line.  The company has filed for an Initial Public Offering to sell $250 million in common shares on the New York Stock Exchange.   No word yet (that I saw) on what their symbol will be.  (NCL is already in use by Nuveen Insured California Premium Income Municipal Fund.)

This will mean that the three main players in the U.S. cruise market will now be on the ticker.

The cruise line has said it also has plans for listing on the NASDAQ, as NCLH.

Wonder if NCL will be offering discounts or OBC's to stockholders?

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Six Years Ago Today: Hurricane Dennis

Six years ago today, Hurricane Dennis was assaulting Navarro Beach, Florida.  Dennis was the first Major Hurricane to make landfall on our own shores during the record-setting 2005 Hurricane Season.  There were 28 named storms that year - the most ever for a single season.

Hurricane name lists are on a six year cycle, so the 2011 Atlantic Hurricane names are the same ones that were used in 2005,  except for the names of the five storms that were so devistating their names were retired for good.

2005 was also the year of Hurricane Katrina, and some may have forgotten the year, but no one has forgotten how horrifying she was. So many lives were changed . . . 

So far, knock on wood, this year hasn't been a repeat of 2005, even though many of the names will be the same.  On the same date in 2005, we were already up to the 'D' name on the alphabetical list.  This year, we've only seen the 'A' storm - Arlene.  

Word from the National Hurricane Center today is that "TROPICAL CYCLONE FORMATION IS NOT EXPECTED DURING THE NEXT 48 HOURS."  Here's hoping our luck holds! 

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