Sunday, July 24, 2011

Last Week Was Quite a Week

Space Shuttle Atlantis
(public domain image from NASA) 

Last week was quite a week. Things were happening all over the globe, and not all of them pleasant.  Last week, there were significant developments in manned space flightnature,in Nature , and sadly, in Norway.


Space Shuttle Atlantis retured to earth for the last time. The good news is, she brought herself and her crew home safely. The bad news is that she'll never do it again. Nor will any other shuttle. NASA's manned space flight program has been scuttled. And along with it, thousands of jobs, and the space dominance of the U S of A. It was a sad day.

We had THREE named storms at one point in the week: Tropical Storms Bret and Cindy in the Atlantic and Hurricane Dora in the Pacific. The good news is that NONE of them made landfall. The (maybe) not so good news is that it was a very active week for the tropics, and no one knows if this was a foreshadowing of things to come. The NHC and other organizations sure think it will be an active season. You can see their 2011 Hurricane Season Predictions here.

The Royal Palace in Oslo
was not attacked
(public domain photo)
There was horror and terror in a place that is usually known for its peaceful environment - Norway. 
A madman set off a bomb in central Oslo then proceded to a youth camp being held on an island.  There, dressed as a policeman, he shot and killed at least 84 young people.
There is NO reason for civilized human beings to behave this way towards one another.  Unlike the work that NASA does, it's NOT rocket science.  Just be nice to everyone. 
Today, we are holding the people of Norway in our hearts.  They have our deepest sympathies and most fervent prayers.

The past week was not one that will soon be forgotten for several reasons... but Norway is uppermost in our minds right now. 

It's my sincere hope that the week ahead will bring different ... and much happier news.