Sunday, July 10, 2011

Six Years Ago Today: Hurricane Dennis

Six years ago today, Hurricane Dennis was assaulting Navarro Beach, Florida.  Dennis was the first Major Hurricane to make landfall on our own shores during the record-setting 2005 Hurricane Season.  There were 28 named storms that year - the most ever for a single season.

Hurricane name lists are on a six year cycle, so the 2011 Atlantic Hurricane names are the same ones that were used in 2005,  except for the names of the five storms that were so devistating their names were retired for good.

2005 was also the year of Hurricane Katrina, and some may have forgotten the year, but no one has forgotten how horrifying she was. So many lives were changed . . . 

So far, knock on wood, this year hasn't been a repeat of 2005, even though many of the names will be the same.  On the same date in 2005, we were already up to the 'D' name on the alphabetical list.  This year, we've only seen the 'A' storm - Arlene.  

Word from the National Hurricane Center today is that "TROPICAL CYCLONE FORMATION IS NOT EXPECTED DURING THE NEXT 48 HOURS."  Here's hoping our luck holds! 

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