Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Is the End Near for the SS United States?

Is the end coming for one of the most beloved Ocean Liners ever?
Sadly, it appears that way.

The famous ship, now languishing at a pier in Philadelphia, was the last to win speed records for transatlantic crossings in both directions by a passenger ship in regular service. Today, she still holds the speed record for a westbound crossing. She's alsos the largest liner efver to be built entirely within the United States - a source of consierable national pride in 1952, the year she entered service. (She continued transatlantic passenger service unti 1969.)

Her fate having been uncertain for years now, she has been sitting idle in Philly since 1996. Many times, hopes have risen that a new owner would come to her rescue. Those hopes have remaiined alive, but unreallized for over a decade.

Now, a deadline looms. A deadline that could mean a national icon that once transported would be new Americans to our shores will surely become nothing more than scrap. Unless, ofcourse, a last minute rescue party arrives. Although unlikely, the dim hope of a reprieve of her death sentence still lives through the efforts of the SS United States Conservancy. Anybody got an extra three milion in their back pocket?
Brought to you, with sadness at the thought of losing a grand lady of the sea,

Top photo: Public Domain