Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Jimena Weakens; Erika Forms

Hurricane Jimena has weakened considerably since yesterday and is near land in the Cabo San Lazaro area. Winds are down to 105 mph, and the storm also brings a very real threat of life-threatening flash floods and mud slides.

Tropical Storm Erika formed last night east of the Leeward Islands, and now appears headed directly for Guadeloupe. From there, several scenarios could play out, ONE of which would bring the storm through The Bahamas and towards the Southeastern United States. She could also recurve out to Sea, or miss Florida to the south. So far, the NHC is drawing a track that includes a recurve east of the Bahamas. Things can and do change in the tropics, so stay tuned.

Cruise ships are still being diverted away from the area of danger from Jimena. Stay on the lookout, cruisers, for any itinerary changes as a result of TS Ericka, as well.

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