Friday, February 12, 2010

Cruising Musings is now Networked on Facebook

Well, it's done! Not sure that I followed the directions properly, or that I could repeat the process in the same order again, but this blog is now networked on Facebook!

This means (I think) that all my blog posts here will now be fed to my facebook Cruise Ready Store fan Page . (If you're on Facebook, please consider becoming a Facebook Fan of Cruise Ready Store!) So, you can now follow this blog right from Facebook.

If you'd like to set up your blog to feed entries to your facebook page, don't bumble through like I did... get some help at The Selling Lounge, where Valerie, of Mulewagon Antiques and Collectibles has been kind enough to post some step by step directions.

Well, here goes ... I'm gonna publish this post, and then see if it appears on my facebook page!

EDIT: It worked. (sort of) It's not feeding to a separate 'blog' page, but it's feeding.


maryrussel said...

Hooray! I'll have to check out Valerie's directions. Mine still isn't working for my blog.

Valerie@TheMuleWagon said...

Hey Sheila! I'm glad to see your got it going. I saw it on my Facebook, and followed you through the Networked Blog widget.

I hope you get a lot of attention from the Facebook posts!

AndThenThis said...

thank you , Valeris!
Yes, check it out, Mary.

Gail said...

I networked mine also but am not sure it's right. I decided to do a manual feed for now. I haven't seen Valerie's directions but will check them out later.

Congrats Sheila!