Friday, September 10, 2010

Cruise Ship Cabin Door Markers

When hubby and I go cruising, one of us always seems to have a problem remembering our cabin number. (HINT:  It's not me!)  My solution: I put a little magnet on our cabin door as a 'marker' for him. They are a big help to him during the cruise, and we have a nice, inexpensive cruise souvenir afterwards.  You can buy my custom cruise magnets at CruiseReady on Zazzle, and have them printed with your own cruise information. (There are matching pin-on name badges, too)

You can customize these magnets with the name of your group or family, an individual's name, and cruise info (ship, dates). If you're not cruising with a group or ffamily gathering, you might substitute other words instead of a group name, like "Sailing at last!" or "Ahoy, Matey" or "Our Very First Cruise" or "We Love Cruising" ... or ... well, you get the idea.


They come in a bunch of different designs, all available in one square size and several round sizes, and they make a real nice little dated souvenir. Yes, you can evn order just one customized item. And yes, if you're ordering for a group or family, there are discounts for bulk/volume orders, starting at just 10 magnets, or 10 name badges. They're profesionally printed, and magnets and pin-back buttons are usually ready to ship within 24 hours.