Saturday, April 16, 2011

Another Hurricane Season Approaches

Hurricane Epsilon (2005) from space. (NASA public domain photo)

Unbelievably, the beginning of the 2011 Atlantic Basin Hurricane Season is only 45 days away.  This month, experts once again called for an above average season in terms of tropical activity, with a greater chance than last year of a US landfall.
HURRICANE SEASON for the Atlantic Basin:  June 1 - November 30
Peak activity is usually August - October 

Last year, Hurricane Alex didn't appear until almost the end of June.  And, in 2007, Subtropical Storm Andrea was named on May 6!  So, who knows when Arlene - the first name on this year's list - will arrive?  No one, really. 

The list of the names that will be used this year is the same list that was used for the hyperactive 2005 season, except for the FIVE names from that year that were retired. To see this years list, including the five new names, which ones they are replacing, and why, see  Atlantic Basin 2011 Hurricane Names.   Here's a hint:  Hurricane Katrina.

Pre-season reminders:
1 - Check your supply of betteries.
2 - Make sure your NOAA Weather Alert Radio is in good working condition.
3 - Where are your important papers and data?  Can you easily grab them for evacuation?
4 - Review your evacuation plans.  Don't forget to include your pets!
5 - Check seasonal cruise prices.  (It's often cheaper to cruise during peak hurricane season)