Sunday, October 9, 2011

Discovery Day in The Bahamas

Bahamas Beach and Palm Tree printCruising Detination:  The Bahamas 

Bahamas Beach and Palm Tree by mljacobs10

In The Bahamas, the first landing of Columbus in the  New World is still celebrated on the original date of the actual landing, October 12,  and is called Discovery Day.  (In the US, the second Monday in October is now designated as the official federal holiday.)

Did you know that Columbus and the men of the Nina, the Pinta, and the Santa Maria first came ashore in The Bahamas?  It is known that it was ONE of the islands of The Bahamas, but exactly which one is still being debated. 

Whichever one it was, The Bahamas are certainly a beautiful place, and if you happen to be there on October 12, you can celebrate Discovery Day in lieu of Columbus Day.

I do love visiting our close neighbors off the southest coast of Florida, and I've gathered some Pictures of The Bahamas for you to enjoy.