Sunday, November 10, 2013

The Sinking of the Edmund Fitzgerald

The Shipwreck was on November 10, 1975

Thirty-eight years ago today, a famous freighter broke in two, and sank to the bottom of Lake Superior during a severe storm.  It was the Edmund Fitzgerald.  The event inspired a song that turned out to be one of Gordon Lightfoot's greatest hits. It still inspires memorials and mariners' ceremonies. Each year, on the anniversary of the famous shipwreck, the 29 mariners whose lives were lost are on the minds of many.

If you're unfamiliar with the story behind the song, you can visit  Shipwreck: The Edmund Fitzgerald  to learn about the ship and her tragic sinking, the storm that caused it, and even what happened to the ship's bell.

For those who answer the call of the sea, today is more than just a date in the annuls of nautical history.  It's a reminder that life on the seas, and indeed, even on inland waterways, is not always sunny skies and smooth sailing.  It's also a reminder of the preciousness of life.

Special Find for those who love to share maritime history with their children or grandchildren:  The story of the ship, and the retrieval of the bell is told for youngsters in The Edmund Fitzgerald - the Song of the Bell.  It's beautifully done, for ages 5 and up.