Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Ah . . . Sea Days!

Today is the first of two scheduled Days at Sea on our cruise. I do LOVE Sea Days!

Why? It's a real treat to just sit on the Aft, mesmerized by the wake, or stand at the railing, and watch the water go by. Occasional sightings of other ships and tiny islands are fun - especially with binoculars. Sometimes, I'm fortunate enough to catch a glimpse of dolphins playint, or a flight of flying fish glittering in the Caribbean sun. Then, there are those marvelous sunrises and sunsets at sea. I just can't get enough!
My love of Sea Days is what inspired me to come up with the Sea Days Magnet, pictured above.
As you can see, the simple things about Sea Days are what I enjoy the most. I also enjoy sitting on the pool deck and chatting leasiurely with my cruise buddies. You meet the nicest folks at sea. For me, Sea Days are all about freedom... absolute freedom to do what you want, when you want - OR NOT!
For others, Sea Days are all about activity... roaming the ship, participating in organized pool games, sunbathing, attending lectures, bingo, trivia contests, shopping, gambling, and of course, the all time favorite - scarfing down scrumptuous food, food, and more food.
I recently asked the question, "What's so special about a Day at Sea?" over on the Cruise Line Fans forum. Quite a few cruisers chimed in with their opinions. Please feel free to add yours!
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