Sunday, August 9, 2009

Felicia Heads for Hawaii

As Felicia continues to head west, most of Hawaii is under a Tropical Storm Watch. We talked to our son there yesterday. While their hopes are that she will weaken to a Tropical Depression before arriving at the shores of the Aloha State, indications are that at least the eastern most islands may be facing a Tropical Storm in a day or two. Our hopes are with theirs for rapid weakening of this system. We will certainly continue to watch!

Meanwhile, the Atlantic Basin has not yet seen a named storm this season. A disturbance off the coast of Africa is being monitored for slow development, but the NHC (at this point) pegs the chance of that at 50% or less. Things can change quickly in the tropics, so we'll watch this one, too.
Now, just because we've passed the first week of August with no tropical threats is no reason to breathe easy. RECALL 1992. That year, our first storm came on August 17th. It's name? Andrew. 'Nuff said?

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