Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Tropics Appear to be Waking Up

Holy Cow! The tropical alarm clock is ringing, calling the season awake!

  • Welcome rain is coming to Hawaii courtesy of the remnants of Felicia.
  • China and Japan are reeling from a hard hit byTyphoon Morakot.
  • Two Tropical Depressions (9E and 10E) have shown up in the Eastern Pacific.
  • Tropical Depression Two is workng its way across the Atlantic, and may become our first named storm of the season.
  • And, there are three other suspect areas spread out between the coast of Africa and the southeastern Caribbean.

There's plenty for tropical weather watchers to watch . . . and plenty of reason for those of us in coastal areas, and who love to set out on sea voyages, to keep an eye peeled on tropical activity starting now!

Check your hurricane preparations, everyone!