Saturday, November 7, 2009

Ida Approaching Hurricane Strength in NW Caribbean

First things first - there has been no reported loss of life in either Nicaragua or Honduras from Ida. This may be due to the fact that she took a more northerly than first expected route across the two countries, and spent less time than projected getting herself back out into open water.

She emerged earlier than forecast into the NW Caribbean Sea, as a Tropical Depression, but has quickly ramped back up, and now, with maximum sustained winds of 70 mph, is once again nearing hurricane status.

The northeastern coastline of the Yucatan Peninsula (including Cozumel) is under a Hurricane Watch, while other areas of the Caribbean are under Tropical Storm Warnings and Watches, including western Cuba, Grand Cayman, and the Isle of Youth. Cozumel is probably in for some real weather

The Carnival Liberty will alter her itinerary, postponing the schduled port of call at Cozumel, and calling instead at Ocho Rios on Monday. Other changes may also be needed with other ships. I will post any that I am made aware of. Now is the time for everyone who is about to cruise to keep a wary eye on Ida. If at all possible, it would be wise to arrive at your port of embarkation a day early, just to be on the safe side.

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EDIT at of 5 AM Sun, Nov 8, Ida is a strong catetory 1 hurricane, with maximum sustained winds of 90 MPH. She was upgraded to a hurricane just before midnight last night.