Monday, July 5, 2010

Are Brighter Days Ahead for the ss United States?

A while back, I wrote about the ss United States, and efforts to save this historic (and much loved) vessel from being turned into scrap metal, in a post titled "Is the End Near for the ss United States?"

New York City. The ss United States with the ss America passing in front of her

Today, I'm happy to report that, thanks to the generosity of a benefactor, and the consideration of Norwegian Cruise Line, it appears the ss United States Coservancy will be able to buy her some more time.

The angel is a Mr. Lenfest, who donated several millions to the effort. Thanks are also owed to NCL, who turned down an offer of almost double from a scrapper a while back. They did so in order to agree to take a lesser offer from an organication that would preserve the record setting US built ocean liner.

It''s going to take a lot of work to get her back into shape, along with a great deal of capital.

The ss United States in 2007

Now she has a chance!
The Conservancy has deal with NCL for a $3 million purchase price, despite a $5.9 million big from a scrappers. EPA concerns must be satisfied soon.  The Conservancy has enough capital for 20 months expenses for the ship, during which time they must create a plan to clean the ship of toxins and provide for future financial security for her. They may turn her into a hotel or floating maritime museum.

dated July 10, 1966

Are brighter days ahead for the ss United States? Can the Conservancy pull off the monumental task ahead of them in the months they have?  Gee, I sure hope so... and I know I'm not alone.