Tuesday, May 3, 2011

New in May: Pets at Sea from Royal Caribbean

If you're cruising Royal Caribbean, and your party includes a child or two, get ready for their new "Pets at Sea" program, which the youngsters are going to LOVE!

Pets at Sea

Your child will get to choose from a variety of different species of pets (not-yet-stuffed animals), stuff it in a special 'stuffing machine,' dress it, and name it.  And, here's really cool part - after attaching the animal to the stuffing machine to 'bring it to life,' they are given a small star.  They make a wish, then tuck the star INSIDE the newly stuffed toy. 

According to the cruise line, they'll be available fleetwide beginning this month.

Price?  You can pre-order a pet with one outfit for $29.95 on Royal Caribbean's website.  (with two outfits, the price is  $42.90.)  But, I'm sure there will be plenty available once you board. 

Actually, it looks and sounds like fun, and I'm willing to bet that there will be a lot of adults who will want one, too.

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KreatesKards said...

I'm sure there will be many adults too that will be buying these for themselves. Think it is a great idea.