Sunday, May 29, 2011

June is Coming and So Is Hurricane Season

One of my very favorite months is nearly over, but another favorite one - June - is nearly here.  June 1 is Wednesday, and that means Hurricane Season will be here.  I've been busy writing a few articles about hurricane season over the past several weeks... One of them, about pictures of severe weather features art prints and other things with a hurricane or weather theme that you can buy. 

Stormy Anastasia print
It's amazing how much art and design has been inspired by something we live with every day - the weather.  (Although, hopefully, we don't have to live with SEVERE weather on a daily basis!)  The above art print is from that article, called Pictures of Hurricanes and Storm Pictues, and it features wall art, along with a variety of other consumer items designed by selected artists at Zazzle, and inspired by the weather.

Some of the other articles I've been working on are a little more serious in nature, and are geared to raising the awareness of the necessity to be prepared for what can happen during severe weather in general, but hurricanes in particular.  Here's a list of those articles:

2011 Hurricane Season Predictions and 2010 Forecasting Accuracy
2011 Atlantic Basin Hurricane Names
Hurricane Preparedness - Your Roof
NOAA Weather Radios
2011 Hurricane Season Journal

That last one will be a journal I will keep and add to throughout the season. 

You are welcome to read, and to comment on any of these articles that might interest you.  I'd be SO pleased if you did!