Thursday, June 2, 2011

It's Hurricane Season and Cruise Deals Season

Well, folks, the 2011 Atlantic Basin Hurricane Season began yesterday.  Hope everyone in or near a coastal area is prepared with their emergency supplies and evacuation plans.

Once again this year, I will have the Weather Widgets from posted on this blog, and will, from time to time, highlight any storms that are affecting cruise ships and/or cruise ports.  This year, I've also set up a 2011 Hurricane Season Journal on a separate site, where I'll log each tropical depression, tropical storm, and hurricane, whether it affects cruises or not.  You might want to access that page now, and save it to your favorites if you think you'll be interested.

For the cruising community, we know that hurricane season also means some of the best cruise deals of the year.  So, if you haven't done so yet, here's a reminder that you might want to start looking for an attractive last minute deal from your favorite cruise line. 

If you're planning your first hurricane season cruise - especially during the peak of the season, which includes August, September, and October - you might be interested in 10 Tips for Hurricane Season Cruising

Don't be afraid to take advantage of some of the great deals you're sure to find.  Chances are your cruise won't be affeted by a tropical weather system - but yes, it could.  That's the chance you take by making the decision to cruise the Caribbean during hurricane season.  If you are prepared to accept that risk in exchange for a great time for less money than you would pay other times of year, I'd say, "Go for it."  But know the risks and what you can do  to make sure you have a wonderful time no matter what might or might not happen.  (That's what the above referenced article is about)