Friday, March 9, 2012

Farewell, Pacific Princess

Star of The Love Boat Sold for Scrap

The Pacific Princess in 1987 (public domain photo)
Pacific Princess, star of the Love Boat TV series, has been sold for scrap, according to news sources. 
It's a sad day for fans of the Love Boat, and for anyone who cruised on Pacific Princess, or the other ship that was occasionaly used in filming, the Island Princess.
It happens...  We'd like to think that our favorite ships will go on forever, but that simply cannot be. 

She was reportedly sold for scrap for about $3.3 million, to an unnamed demolition company, based in Turkey.

Farewell, Princess.  You were well loved, and will be long and fondly remembered. 

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Mark Brown said...

Not all good things are made to last. But that doesn't mean these things are lost forever. Maybe the physical boat itself will, over time, deteriorate and rot. But memories of it will be kept safe in the minds of people and in history. For sure, it will be remembered.