Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Tropical Storm Dorian

Tropical Storm Dorian Forms in the Atlantic

 Cone from the N.H.C.

The fourth named storm of the 2013 hurricane season has formed out in the tropical Atlantic.  It's name is Dorian, which is the replacement name for the retired Dean.  Let's hope Dorian doesn't have aspirations of following in his footsteps.  Dean was a killer, destroying a town (Majahual) on the Yucatan Peninsula, and leaving 45 dead across the Caribbean and Mexico.

Fortunately, Dorian is not projected to become another Dean, in spite of the fact that they both are Cape Verde storms.  At this point, the NHC is forecasting Dorian to be 'only' a tropical storm in five days when the system reaches the Antilles.  Conditions in the Atlantic are not expected to be terribly conducive to a great amount of intensification.  The storm will have dry air and wind sheer to fight on its trip westward.

This morning, maximum sustained winds are 50 mph, and movement is to the West of Northwest.

Still, those planning on cruising traveling to the Virgin Islands or Puerto Rico this weekend or early next week should keep a wary eye on the tropics, and be ready to adjust plans accordingly.

To our friends who live in the islands - prepare, and be safe!

Where Dorian will go beyond that (if anywhere) is still anyone's guess, so those who live in hurricane country - you know the drill:  Check your hurricane supplies and stay informed!