Thursday, July 16, 2009

Time to Start Watching the tropics

Half of July is behind us, and the EPAC is on the FOURTH named storm ... with two (Carlos and Dolores) churning in that basin as of last night! Luckily, it appears that neither will affect land. However, in the Atlantic, we haven't seen Ana yet. But, it's approaching the time when weather exiting off the west coast of Africa wants to try to get its act together and make the trek across the ocean, sometimes ending up in our neck of the woods.

Yes, it's nearly 'Cape Verde Season,' so ... eyes east!

Reminder to residents of hurricane country: Things may be quiet now, but that can change quickly, so please make it a point to check your level of emergency preparation.

And, for my cruising friends . . . Cruise Ready Store now has Anti-Nausea Bands, sometimes referred to as motion sickness bands. Here's a picture and link: