Friday, June 11, 2010

Cruising during Hurricane Season

Well, here we are, with 10 days of this year's Atlantic Basin Hurricane Season already gone, and not a storm in sight. That's typical, actually. The most active period is usually from about the second week of August through Octoer.

With virtually all of the major prediction centers and experts forecasting an extremely active season, we should be prepared for just about anything this year. Check your emergency plans, and get your 'go bag' ready if you live in a vunerable area. SOONER is better than later!

If you choose to cruise this time of year, here are some 'starter' tips for cruising during hurricane season from my Cruising Tips for New Cruisers page at Cruise Ready Store.
You may even find rough seas in the ship's pool during hurricane season.
Special Notes on Cruising during Hurricane Season
Hurricane season: June 1 – November 30

There are deals to be had during ‘the season,’ most especially during the peak months of August, September, and October. However, be prepared for possible trade-offs for those cheaper fares.

First – Plan to arrive at your port city at least a day early. If there’s an active ‘cane, the port authority could close down the port and order all ships to sea hours early. The captain has no choice... the ship MUST leave - with you or without you.

Second – Always buy travel insurance.

Third – Never cruise the Caribbean during hurricane season with your heart set on seeing a particular port. The captain WILL divert the ship’s course to keep you safe. This may include substituting an alternate port, or missing one or more ports entirely.

Fourth – Be prepared to end your cruise a day earlier or later than scheduled, or even in a different port than originally planned. Make return travel arrangements to your home that can be adjusted accordingly.

Fifth – If you are prone to motioin sickness, take along plenty of your favoirte remedy. Our favorites are of the natural variety, like these ginger candies.

Yes, all of the things mentioned above can happen. Not often, but they do. We cruise during hurricane season. We have even cruised in the rough seas generated by a Category 3 hurricane. And yes, we've been on a ship that was ordered out of port a few hours early, and arrived back a day late - at a port 200 miles from the one we left from. And yes, we had a wonderful time. Just wish we'd come home to a house with electrical power, and a neighborhood with gas stations and grocery stores that were open and stocked with inventory. But, we were well able to deal with it all, having just enjoyed some time on board our favorite cruise ship.

So, if you are cruising during hurricane season, be sure your home will be ready, and then get ready to cruise... Be sure to visit and Cruise Ready on Zazzle to find some great cruise gear. You'll also find more tips and discussions about cruising during the season at