Friday, June 25, 2010

The SEASON Has Started!

Within the last hour the National Hurricane Center announced the formation the first Tropical Depression of the 2010 Atlantic Basin Hurricane Season. TD 01 is on the move in the Western Caribbean, and is expected to become Tropical Storm Alex before assaulting the east coast of the Yucatan late tomorrow.

After crossing the penninsula, it is forecast to emerge into the western Gulf of Mexico as a weaker system. However, the contidions there will be favorable for restrengthening. The water is warm, warm, warm in the GOM, and tropical systems just LOVE warm water.

In the Pacific, not one but TWO hurricanes currently churn well away from land. Celia has alreaady reached Category Five status, and is backing off, while Darby is also now a major 'cane at Categoroy Three. I hadn't blogged about this activity before, since neither has been a threat to land... but they certainly deserve a mention now.

Stay safe,, everyone, and keep your eyes on the Caribbean, as things have certainly cranked up early - just 25 days into the 2010 season.

More on the tropics later.
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