Saturday, August 28, 2010

Danielle, Earl Force Itinerary Changes for Cruises

Graphic from NOAA / NHC

Bermuda, and most of the Northern Leeward Islands are under Tropical Storm Watches, which means the closing of cruise ports in those areas. Cruise itineraries are being affected, and the first announcment of changes has come - from Norwegian Cruise Line.

NCL has posted that he Norwegian SPIRIT will tentatively arrive at Bermuda a day late; the Norwegian EPIC will sail to the western rather than the eastern Caribbean; and the cruise line is considering a possible itinerary change for the Norwegian DAWN, as well.

Announcements of changes by other lines are likely forthcoming. Check with the cruise line websites for subserquent news, or log on to , and check the forums for individual cruise line, or see the DANIELLE, EARL- Cruise Line Updates thread on the Hurricane Watch forum.

While a delayed arrival at, or the missing of a port, on a cruise can be a bit disappointing, Cruising Musings is mindful that having your HOME affected by a tropical system can be a lot more than a minor disappointment. Please keep those in Bermuda, and especially the Antilles in your thoughts over the next couple of days.

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maryrussel said...

Helpful and informative blog. It looks like people in the US were spared the wrath of Earl. Thank you God.