Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Tropical Storm Colin Debuts

Tropical Storm Colin, the third named storm of the 2010 Atlantic Basin Hurricane Season, has formed in the tropical Atlantic.

As of 5 am, when Colin was named, he was about about 945 miles east of the lesser antilles, and barreling WNW at  23 mph.  The current forecast track calls for the storm's intnsity to increase from its current 40 mph maximum sustained winds to about  60 mph, and make a right turn in a couple of days.  This turn would be good news for the Lesser Antillies and Puerto Rico, both of which are just out of the NHC's famous cone at this time.  Those living inu th islands are cautioned to monitor the system carefully for changs in the track.  A shift to the left could put them in the cone, and we all kow that shifts can and do occur.

As for cruising intrests . . . at the very least, take along your favorite sea sickness remedy if you are cruising soon.  (This is always true durig hurricane season.)  And keep an eye out for possible port closings in the next week or so.    Nothing is certain yet, but I'm posting the NHC's chart of Tropical Storm Force Wind speed Probabilities. It shows that as of this morning, anything from the Antillies to Bermuda, and surrounding seas could feel the affects Colin in th coming days.