Saturday, August 4, 2012

Ernesto and Florence Heat Up the Tropics

The Tropics Come Alive - Two Storms at Once

Tropical Storm Ernesto (Image courtesy NOAA)
The tropics have been quiet for weeks, ever since Tropical Storm Debby made her exit, but this week, things changed.

Tropical Storm Ernesto is stirring up the Caribbean, while Tropical Storm Florence has begun the trek across the Atlantic.

The Windward Islands have already gotten a taste of the 2012 Hurricane Season.  Ernesto passed just north of Barbados, then collided with the southern tip of St. Lucia as he crossed over from the tropical Atlantic into the Caribbean.  Jamaica is under a tropical storm warning today, as that nation prepares to celebrate its 50th birthday on Monday.

Tropical Storm Ernesto is forecast to continue westward for now, and become a hurricane as early as tomorrow.  

Meanwhile, out in the eastern Atlantic, Tropical Storm Florence is starting to make her westbound crossing.  Will she make it all the way across intact?  And, if so, how strong will she be?  Time will tell.

Our thoughts are always with those in the path of a tropical system, whatever its name may be.   Today, it's Ernesto.  Next week, it may be Florence, and then Gordon, who has yet to make an appearance.  Stay safe, everyone! 


TS Bremen life ring with stormy wavesWe could well see some ships change course and alter itineraries in the coming days to avoid the nastiness - and danger -  of a tropical system.  No changes have been announced yet, but you can bet the cruise lines are monitoring these storms closely!  See my 10 Tips for Cruising in Hurricane Season for more on this topic.

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