Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Pool Deck Chair Police

Photo courtesy of natureworks, via morguefile
Don't you just hate it when you saunter up to the Lido Deck for a little sun, or a quick dip in the pool, only to find nearly every chair empty, save a personal item 'reserving' it for someone  who is nowhere to be seen?

Well, it seems that one of the cruise lines plans to do something about that.

Carnival Cruise Line will begin a test period of enforcement of a 40 minute pool chair saving rule, beginning with the Carnival Breeze.

Crew members on the Carnival Breeze will soon be patrolling the pool areas, searching for 'saved' lounge chairs. The employees will be equipped with stickers which they'll place on chairs containing shirts, towels, books, shoes, or other items being used to save them.   They'll write the time on the stickers before affixing them to said chairs.

 If the passenger owning the items neither begins occupying the chair nor removes the item or items in 40 minutes time, the items will be removed.  They'll be taken to either the towel exchange or to  lost and found desk, where the guest will need to reclaim them.

 The plan is to implement the 'pool chair police' system fleetwide after the test period on the Breeze.

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