Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Blustery Weather for Carribean Cruising?

Tropical Low May Dampen Some Cruises

Image courtesy NOAA and the NHC
Cruisers to the northern Lesser Antilles, as well as Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, and possibly  Labadee,  and the Turks and Caicos might encounter a bit of wind and ran today and for two or three more days, due to a low pressure system moving through the area.

The latest computer models forecast it to turn north before making it into the Central Caribbean, moving towards the general vicinity of Bermuda later on.

As of this morning, the National Hurricane Center has given the system a 40 percent probability of strengthening into a tropical cyclone over the next two days, and a 60 % chance of doing so within five days time.  A tropical cyclone is an organized storm system of Tropical Depression strength or greater.

While chances of it becoming a named storm (the next stronger step after a Tropical Depression) are nebulous at this point, should it manage to do this, it would be called Gabrielle.

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Keep an eye on the tropics, folks - it's that time of year!