Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Spookiness on the Seas

Halloween Cruising is an Experience

Stateroom Door Marker
Whether you dress in a costume or not, cruising during Halloween can be a lot of fun.

Though we've taken our full share of October cruises, only one included Halloween night.  We didn't do costumes, but we really enjoyed sitting on the lido and watching those who did parade by.  Remember - what happens on the lido stays on the lido, and some of those costumes weren't the kind a lady would tell about.  But some were a lot of fun.

There were the all too predictable pirate guys and gals, ghosts, togas, and yachting captains.  Gilligan showed up and a couple of masks of famous people.  Appropriately enhough, since the cruise left from Port Canaveral, within sight of the shuttle launch pads, one clever couple dressed in astronaut costumes.  There was even a black cat with a red and white striped stove pipe hat paying tribute to Dr. Seuss.

Costume parades on board can be either organized (with prizes) or casual, like the one we witnessed.  Some lines have special activities that night.  Disney, of course, does a great job making Halloween at sea special for the kiddies.

Each year also brings its share of private efforts, like the one being organized this year by SinglesCruise.com.  Theirs is for singles only, and they've reserved 500 cabins on Carnival Liberty's Oct. 26 sailing, promising special activities just for those solo travelers who book the cruise with them.

If you've never sailed on Halloween, this year could be your time. It just may turn out to be one voyage you'll remember for a while.  There's still plenty of cabins left on many cruise ships.