Thursday, September 26, 2013

Luggage Tags for Cruisers

Cruising Bag Tags and Bag Spotters

Cruising or traveling soon?  Ever have a hard time spotting your bags on a crowded luggage carousel, or in a cruise terminal when it's time to go home?
All Aboard Bag Tag

Solution:  Attach a cruise themed bag tag to each piece of your checked luggage. A picture of your favorite cruise ship or a tropical themed design will help your bags to stand out from all the rest.

Choose from two types:  Luggage spotter styles with a design (only) on both sides or personalized ones, with a space for your name and phone number on one side.

Here are some of the first type, that you can use as simple luggage spotters:

NOTE:  When personalizing a tag, I recommend customizing with just your first name, or initials, and NOT including your address.  Why?  You want enough information to help you recover lost bags, but NOT enough to make it easy for unscrupulous eyes looking to identify homes that may be temporarily vacant. No use tempting fate!

Here are samples of some of the ones that you can personalize with your name and phone number:

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Travel Safety Tip

Another word of caution for travelers... I see this all too often, and it really makes me cringe.  Never, ever, ever post something like this on your Facebook page or other internet site:
We leave on the 8th for seven wonderful days sailing the Caribbean - can't wait!
Messages like this may be intended for your friends and family, but with the internet, you just can't control who else might see them.  There may be someone who just may see messages like that as an invitation to "explore" an unattended residence.  No, you didn't post your address, but that doesn't necessarily protect you.  There are ways to find it.