Sunday, April 12, 2009

. . .And so the Blog Begins

I'm coming late to blogging, so, there's a lot to make up.

Much - but certainly not all - of this blog will be about one of my favorite activities - cruising.
So, I've called it Cruising Musings... and other stuff. Not sure yet what the 'other stuff' will be about, but this is only the beginning, and, after all, there ARE other things in the world besides ships and cruises and ports and cruiselines and cruising friends.

we're pretty new to cruising, having been on 29, but we sure do like cruising When I'm not on a ship (which hasn't been a lot lately, due to the economy) I spend some of my spare time as moderator of a cruise forum called Cruise Line Fans.

One of my business endeavors is an on-line specialty store for cruisers, which I named Cruise Ready Store. So, you see, I really do have a bad case of the cruise bug, and it was only natural that I start a blog that would at least partially concentrate on the world of cruising.

OK - Guess that's enough for a starting entry. More to come.

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