Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Bon Voyage!

Bon Voyage!

What does it mean?

Bon voyage is a French phrase that has been adopted into the English languagel. Although the literal translation is "good journey," the understood usage in English is usually "Have a good trip." And, while it can be used in reference to any trip, it's most frequently used in connection with cruising and other sea travel.

As a cruise ship leaves its port of embarkation, happy shouts of "Bon Voyage! can often be heard.

It's also not unusual for cruise gear, cruise gifts, or bon voyage gifts to be given to those about to embark on a sea voyage.

These can be anything from a small item that could be useful on a cruise, such as a travel sewing kit, a small pack of travel ginger candies to ward off motion sickness or a fancy lanylard and ID holder for the all important cruise card to a pre packaged bon voyage gift set.

The weeks leading up to a cruise can be so exciting, in fact, that some cruisers will even buy themselves a little bon voyage gift, such as the Bon Voyage to Me T Shirt, shown above.

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