Monday, October 12, 2009

Eastern Caribbean: Fist Stop, Princess Cays

Princess Cays is not actually an island unto itself, like the some of the other private islands belonging to various cruise lines. Rather, it is a private area on the souther part of Eleuthera Island, in The Bahamas. Eleuthera is a long and narrow island situated about 50 miles east of Nassau, and lies on the eastern side of the Great Bahamas Bank. The name means "free" or "freedom" in Greek, and is said to be the site of the oldest democracy in the western hemisphere. It was in the mid 1600's that a group of Bermudan Puritans set out in search of a place to establish a community based on religious freedom, and it was then that Eleuthera got its present name.

Our first full day aboard the Emerald Princess, we'll be calling at Princess Cays, the private destination of Princess Cruise Line, where there's plenty of sun (take sunblock!) and sand. And, of course, my favorite - water, beautiful water! It's clear, warm, and oh, so inviting . . .

The snorkeling is decent there, too. And, although the coral has seen some damage, expecially closer in to thoe beaches, there are always plenty of fish to be seen! The currents are fairly gentle, making beach snorkeling easy, and I hear that, a bit farther out, the diving isn't half bad, either!

For a luxurious day, rent one of the private bungalows. But do so early- as soon as excursions open up on line in advance of your cruise date. There are only a few of them, and they book up quickly! You'll have a fan, an airconditioning unit, AND a waiter to bring you drinks and lunch. A swim or snorkel in the morning, lunch delivered to your own little bungalow at miday, and more water in the afternoon. It doesn't get much better than this!

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