Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Sometimes I get lucky

Sea Princess departing St Maarten

Normally, I'm a lousy photographer, but if I take enough, I'll sometimes get lucky with one or two, and that was the case on my cruise last week aboard the Emerald Princess.
As our day in St. Maarten was drawing to a close, so was that of the folks aboard a couple of other ships. I managed to capture a nice photo of the Sea Princess, as she was leaving the island at sunset. Wish I could have captured the sound as well, as Sea's speakers were blaring 'Britannia,' and her passengers were singing along and waving gleefully. It was one of those moments that happens on sea voyages that you just don't get to enjoy anywhere else... almost magial.
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Diana's said...

THAT is a beautiful photo !
It would make a great postcard, mouse pad and a puzzle...

I don't know how they do those, but if you ask Lora over at the Selling Lounge I bet she could tell you.

Organically Yours,

Baysbeauty said...

That is a great idea making mouse pads and puzzles out of that picture of the Sea Princess. What a beautiful ship.

I bet you had so much fun!

maryrussel said...

Great capture and I agree with Diana!

Top To Bottom Childrens Store said...

What a beautiful picture! I would love to take a cruise some day. The only one we have every done was from Portland, Maine to Nova Scotia, Canada and it doesn't exist any more.

CandyBarWrap said...

Great Photo! I really need to go on a vacation! :) Great Job!

AndThenThis said...

Diana - per your suggestion, I designed a couple of things using this photo. You can see them on My Zazzle page