Thursday, October 17, 2013

Cruise Line Luggage Tag Holders

 Easy, Reusable Tag Holders That Won't Tear Off

Here's something handy for cruisers, now that the major cruise lines have all gone to having you print off your own cruise documents and baggage tags on your home printer.

The trouble is with the baggage tags.  Printer paper just isn't that substantial.  Yes, you can reinforce the tag by folding and encasing it in clear packing tape, but that's a pain in the neck.  Some folks take theirs to Office Depot, and have each one laminated. That's an extra little expense for each bag every time you cruise.. . and just one more pre-cruise errand to run.

The solution is available on Amazon, where you can purchase clear plastic tag holders that are sized just right for your printed tags.  Just slip your folded paper tags into the plastic holder, and attach them to your bags.  No more worries about bags getting lost due to tags that might tear off.  Best of all, they're re-usable, cruise after cruise.

The two available sizes are shown above.
The first ones, longer, and narrower, are the ones you'll want for cruising on Royal Caribbean and Celebrity.
The second ones are a fit for the wider tags from Carnival, Princess, Costa,  Holland America - all the Carnival owned brands.  I believe they may also work well for Norwegian. 

With some of the cruise lines, you can still request the old style  tags that used to be included with the cruise documents you received in the mail.  But, there's a cut off date.  I usually remember to request them a day or two after that date has passed.  So, it's a good thing I keep the clear plastic ones on hand.  You might want to consider it, too.