Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Ships With Lips Coming to Miami, Not Tampa

AIDAvita, AIDAmar to Home Port in MIAMI for a Season Each

NOTE:  This is a corrected report.  The original report, based on an announcement from the Port of Tampa, was in error.

Close on the heels of our sighting of AIDAluna on one of her visits to Port Canaveral**, we learned some surprising news about the 'ships with lips,' as we call them at our house.

AIDA Cruises has announced plans to move two of their own across the sea, to be based in Miami.

(It was originally reported in a Port of Tampa press release that the two ships would home port on Florida's west coast, at the Port of Tampa.  This release was, apparently, pre-approved by AIDA, who also overlooked the error.)

By Ostermade  [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

The 1266 passenger AIDAvita will spend a cruise season sailing Western Caribben itineraries for several months at the end of next year. (Dec, 2014)

The following season, AIDAmar, with a normal capacity of 2680 pax, will be there.

Looks like they're expecting the first ship to prime the pump for the arrival of the larger ship in 2015.

** See post of 10/27