Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Watching Raymond and Lorenzo

Tropical Storm Lorenzo and Hurricane Raymond

We have two named storms in our hemisphere this week - one each in the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.

Tropical Storm Lorenzo

T.S. Lorenzo, courtesy NASA
Lorenzo, like most of the other named storms that have developed in the Atlantic this year, doesn't pose much of a threat.  Swirling in the central Atlantic and just barely a tropical storm, with winds of 40 miles per hour, he's far from land, and on a track to stay that way.

Forecasts call for the system to move generally northeast, and to degenerate into a tropical depression within a couple of days.

Hurricane Raymond

Hurricane Raymond, Courtesy NASA
In the eastern Pacific, it's a different story.  With sustained winds of 120 mph, Raymond is the first major hurricane of the season for either basin.  He's currently delivering category three winds, heavy rains, and high seas just off the Mexican coast.

The well known resort of Acapulco is currently under a Hurricane Watch and a Tropical Storm Warning.  Though the storm is predicted to begin a westward movement today or tomorrow, it could come a bit closer to shore before doing so.

Mariners will be avoiding the tempestuous seas, and wise souls will be staying well clear of the dangerous surf.

In any event, residents from Acapulco northward to Lazaro Cardenas are in for a rough couple of days, with possible flooding and mudslides brought on by tropical storm conditions.   We wish them well and pray for their safety.