Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween, Fellow Cruisers

Halloween is Everywhere, Including the High Seas

photo © CruiseReady, 2013
All Hallows Eve is one of the times during the year that bring out the special decorations on cruise ships.

Here's a look at some Halloween decorations on a ship.  It's the giant grim reaper and his ghost friend that have been haunting the centrum of the Enchantment of the Seas this month.

For a perspective of just how big he is, notice the chair at the lower right of the photo.  That's not a toy or prop, it's some of the regular person sized seating.

Last month, I wrote a little bit about what it's like to spend Halloween at sea, in a post called Spookiness on the Seas.  If you choose to go cruising during October, and especially on the 31st, you just may be treated to quite a few sights that you wouldn't see in April or June, and not all are courtesy of the cruise line.  Some of the passengers tend to get into the spirit of the holiday, as well.