Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Welcoming You to Port Canaveral

New Port Canaveral Welcome Center to Open Soon

Nearly Complete Welcome Center, seen from the North
(photo ©CruiseReady, 2013)

Port Canaveral's new Welcome Center is set to open soon - during the first week of November, to be more precise.

The seven story facility is envisioned as the centerpiece of a completely redeveloped area to welcome cruise ship passengers, and other visitors to the Space Coast.  There's already a small new lake to the east of the center. Additional plans are for an outdoor amphitheater, as well as new places to shop and eat.

It's seven stories high, and reports are that, from the indoor and outdoor observation decks, there's a great view of the port area, including the entire length of the channel, from the cruise ship berths all the way to the ocean.  That's something I'm anxious to see.  I'll bet you can see the vehicle assembly building at Kennedy Space Center, too.  Should make for some great picture taking.

It will house historic information, interactive exhibits, a cafe, gift ship, and auditorium.

One of those interactive exhibits is one I'm sure cruisers will be anxious to try.  It lets you pilot a cruise ship through the Canaveral Channel.  How cool is that?

More news after the actual opening.